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Klopp threatens to withdraw Liverpool from Carabao Cup

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool, Arsenal, Carabao Cup
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Jurgen Klopp warned that he may withdraw Liverpool from the Carabao Cup should their quarter-final tie not be suitably scheduled following Wednesday’s 10-goal thriller against Arsenal.

Klopp and Liverpool booked a place into the Carabao Cup quarter-finals after overcoming Arsenal on penalties following an incredible 5-5 draw in their last-16 tie at Anfield.

However, the quarter-finals begin on the same week that Liverpool will be in Qatar for the Club World Cup from December 17 to 21.

It’s set-up quite a problem for both the Premier League and Football League. They’ve both already held talks with clubs over switching a potential Liverpool quarter-final clash to early January.

Considering the semi-final first-leg begins on January 6, though, it seems an unlikely prospect at the moment.

“I’m not concerned, somebody else has to be concerned because we didn’t make the fixture list, we didn’t make the schedule,” said Klopp, according to The Guardian.

“FIFA told us the Club World Cup will be there [Qatar] and we have to go there and we will do. The Premier League tells us we have to play in the Premier League, which we do obviously.

“The Carabao Cup, what we did tonight, if they don’t find an appropriate place for us, not 3am on Christmas Day, then we don’t play it.

“They have to make that decision. You have to think about these things. If you have a fixture list where one team cannot be part of all the games, then you have to think about the fixture list.”

The Liverpool boss added: “Hopefully, it starts now.

“We will not be the victim of this problem. We play tonight, we wanted to win it, we did that, and if they don’t find a proper date, then we cannot play the next round and whoever is our opponent will go through.

“Or Arsenal play them. We are going to ignore that problem completely for tonight. A lot of people from the Premier League were sitting in front of the television hoping that Arsenal can do it. But – sorry!”