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Klopp told Coutinho he was a perfect fit for Bayern Munich

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During an interview with Bild, Klopp revealed why he didn’t sign Coutinho and how he convinced him to sign for Bayern Munich.

Turns out that Jurgen Klopp and Philippe Coutinho have remained in contact throughout the player’s time in Barcelona, the German manager convinced him to sign for Bayern Munich.

In a recent interview with Bild, the Liverpool coach was questioned directly about his former player.

We all know the kind of relationships that he develops with every single one of them, Jurgen has a very special connection to them.

This communication never ends because he usually befriends all his players, this is the reason we are not surprised he revealed that he does the same with Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian player had the dream of playing for Barcelona, which is something that Klopp advised him against but respected the final decision.

The coach is not the kind of man who gets in the way of anybody’s wishes. He possibly knew that the Catalan club wasn’t going to win the Champions League in the following years but he still allowed Phil to make his own choices.

Now that he knew how off he was with his own prediction, he immediately turned to his previous manager for advice.

The options for Coutinho were many, but he wanted to make the best one for his career.

Phil’s options in Europe after Barcelona.

It was evident that Coutinho wasn’t happy as a Barcelona player, things didn’t work out the way he envisioned in the first place.

After two years of failed attempts, he was ready to take the next step in his career.

He obviously would’ve loved to play under Klopp again, but the Reds spent all the money they earned with his transfer on new players.

The arrivals of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker as proof that Jurgen made the right decision.

When asked about Coutinho, the German manager expressed how close they are.

“Amazing player, we really didn’t want to let him go. Barca forced us financially,” the German manager told Bild.

“He is a world-class player, really good transfer for Bayern and the Bundesliga. I thought it was a good fit for both when I first heard about it.”

“It may sound strange, but we didn’t have enough money to get him. We’d already spent all the money we got for him.”

“I have already told him in person that he and Bayern will be a good fit.”

“It’s not so good for Dortmund, I hope Dortmund will win the title again because it’s getting boring with Bayern winning every year. But Dortmund has an amazing team.”

“Other teams like Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Monchengladbach, and RB Leipzig are also interesting teams and a lot can happen.”

The other options Coutinho had apart from Bayern.

Knowing he couldn’t return to Liverpool, the other options for Philippe Coutinho weren’t limited.

There were a couple of undisclosed Top 6 Premier League squads that were after him, but Phil has a deep respect for the Reds and he refused to play in another club from England.

Juventus was out of the question because the Italians couldn’t afford his salary, the last option was in France.

FC Barcelona would’ve loved Coutinho to decide to play at PSG, they would’ve used him as a trading card in order to bring Neymar.

Actually, Phil’s decision to play for Bayern is one of the main reasons why the Catalan club struggled so much to bring Ney back to the club.

Coutinho refused to be treated like meat, which is also why he didn’t hesitate when he signed for Bayern Munich.

Whether he will be successful in Germany or not will be revealed later, but Jurgen Klopp does have a good eye for these kinds of things.

It does seem like Phil has a chance to become one of Bayern Munich’s biggest stars in the near future.

Do you agree with Jurgen Klopp or do you think Coutinho will fail at Bayern Munich as he did in Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.