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Klopp will “not allow egos” at Liverpool

Becker, Klopp
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Alisson Becker believes Jurgen Klopp’s man-management skills are what makes him so great, especially his “all players” are equal philosophy.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Liverpool had a great team in this title-winning season. However, there would be even less argument that Jurgen Klopp was the vital ingredient in the team’s success.

Klopp has been credited with putting together a fine balance of youth and experience. The tactics of just enough ruthless firepower coupled with one of the best defensive groups in football. 

Add that together and it would be pretty close to the magic formula. What separates Klopp from the rest is his apparent ability to get that little bit more from each player. That commitment to drive themselves that extra yard, to fight for the extra minute and perhaps most important of all to leave no man behind.

According to Alisson Becker, it is the German tactician’s finest skill, in ensuring his players no there will be no egos and everyone is equal.

Arguably the best goalkeeper in the world pays tribute to his manager.

 Speaking to the Associated Press, he said: 

“He treats everyone equally which gives him a lot of credit.”

“Nobody is special, every player is treated in the same way.”

“From the one who plays more to the one who does not play. We also have an easy squad to deal with. You will not find a player with a bigger ego than the collective goals.”

“I believe this is also a reflection of this club and of what Klopp brought here. He has revolutionised the club in recent years.”

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