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Kompany loves Man City being on top of Man United

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Man City skipper Vincent Kompany, expressed how happy he feels for currently being on top of Man United for the first time in history and wants it to last.

As the only pre-Sheikh take-over survivor, Man City skipper Vincent Kompany knows the type of hell the Citizens had to endure during the times in which their neighbors Man United always copped every cover because they were the most successful club in England. But this years marks the 10th anniversary of Sheikh Mansour’s take over of the club and looking at how much things have changed over a decade, one can’t help but to get nostalgic about the great moments the club has gone through. Skipper Vincent Kompany is the only remaining player who was at the club before the new management came in, he was instantly regarded as one of the club’s most valuable players in Manchester City’s history and today he enjoys a certain legend status that very few Citizens have. This Friday the skipper spoke at the City Football Academy during the ten-year celebration of the new management’s arrival, the player vehemently defended the billions of pounds invested during that time.

But for a winner like Vincent Kompany, the most important aspect of the club’s transformation is the fact that today, Manchester City enjoys being at a higher level than neighbors Manchester United. The skipper spoke about the impact that Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement has made on the Red Devils, and he also reminisced on Manchester City’s first major star players who came to improve the squad: “I’ll give the ­neighbours a little bit, I’ll have compassion for them, ­because Sir Alex Ferguson was such a big personality. You cannot take somebody like that out of a club and think that everything is going to continue like before. You ­always need a ­transition ­period. Manchester United is still ­dealing with a post­-Ferguson era. So they will get that side of me, feeling ­compassionate. But any time it takes them to get back up, we need to take advantage of it. Robinho would make us look silly, because he was doing keep-uppy with rolled-up socks. We were like, ‘When can we head it?!’ You’re looking at him ­thinking, ‘He’s extra-­terrestrial!’ He raised standards and the profile of the club. Balotelli had a heart of gold, but from the moment he ­arrived all of a sudden we had paparazzi ­hanging out of the trees. It was a little bit surreal,” said Kompany.

The day everything changed for City.

It was the last fixture of the 2011-2012 Premier League season in a day that the Manchester City-Manchester United rivalry made a drastic turn, the Citizens needed to win their match against Queens Park Rangers in order to win their first Premier League title in the last 44 years. In another match at Old Trafford, Manchester United needed a victory and for City to either lose or draw to win the trophy, the Citizens needed a victory in order to get the title tied in points but with a better goal difference. Things were tense during both matches, the moment in which Sergio Aguero scored the winning goal against QPR was the exact moment when everything started to change for the better. Vincent Kompany lifted the trophy as the skipper that time, and he has lifted two more Premier League’s ever since. He has confessed that all of his teammates agree they would’ve gone to a cave if they had lost that title, but he is glad they won it in such fashion.

Now that Sir Alex Ferguson is gone at Manchester United, other three managers have come to Old Trafford and haven’t been able to succeed. Kompany knows just like Guardiola previously mentioned, that this is the time in which the Citizens need to win as many titles as possible because the Red Devils are only a sleeping giant that could wake up at any time. But contrary to Pep looking at this as the biggest challenge of his career, Kompany is enjoying for the first time ever as a player, what it feels like to be the better club from the city of Manchester. The skipper goes about his winner status with class, he never speaks ill of his rivals, but deep down he does enjoy this life turned beautiful in the city that can only breathe football in two colors: either red or blue. They should enjoy this while it lasts, Manchester City is currently the best club in the English Premier League, that is something that very few clubs in England’s footy history have achieved.

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