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Kompany says he learned a lot from Guardiola

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The Belgium midfielder left Manchester City after 11 years and has returned to his first club in his native country: Anderlecht.

In his first news conference as a player-coach for Belgian Pro League, Vincent Kompany talked about the things he learned at Manchester City.

The player spent 11 years at the club, with the last ones with Pep Guardiola on the charge.

And he says he learned so much from him.

“It was like being at university every day,” Kompany told reporters according to Sky Sports.

“He explained everything with such clarity and I learned an enormous amount from him.”

“I am no Guardiola by any means, let me make that clear. But I think I was a good student,” he added.

“I should’ve expected this question and yet I’m surprised. Let me start with this.”

“Let City be City under Pep, which is an awesome club and I think they will win the Champions League eventually – soon hopefully,” he said.

“And I think behind Pep there is Mikel Arteta who has a lot of knowledge, who probably is the right man to look at. I will just build my career.”

“I will be as driven as Pep has been or the best managers have been – that I know. Will I be as good? We’ll see,” he continued.

“I understand that there is a lot of work, but I’m really looking forward to starting. I have the chance to make my mark here and I’m proud that I have that opportunity.”

“We came sixth last year, so we have to get better than five other teams in one season. But my opinion is that with a few changes we can get there. I’m convinced of that,” he concluded.