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Kovac doesn’t know if Bale would like a Bayern move

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The Bayern Munich Croatian manager says he has no knowledge if the Welsh star wants to leave Real Madrid for the Bundesliga.

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the immediate future of Welsh superstar Gareth Bale.

Some say he’s set to stay with Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid.

Others say he is set to move away from the Spanish capital to a new team.

But for Bayern Munich’s Croatian manager Niko Kovac, Bale’s future is unknown to him even after the rumors put him in Bavaria.

“I would like my German colleagues [journalists] to listen carefully to what I have to say,” he told Goal.

“[Gareth Bale] is a great player, like other players who are also great players.”

“I can’t tell you whether he really can play somewhere else apart from Real Madrid and if he will even succeed at other clubs,” Kovac continued.

“This is something that I don’t know and I can’t really predict.”

“It’s pretty easy to say actually whether he would be welcome at Bayern Munich,” Thiago Silva said at the same press conference.

“We’ve just spoken about these three players: [Arjen] Robben, Franck Ribery, and Gareth Bale. All three play mostly in the same position, on the wing.”

“Players who are similar to [Bale], Robben and Ribery, have written part of the club’s history at Bayern and if somebody like Gareth Bale wants to come, then, as I said, every player who wants to join the club and who wants to support and help the club is more than welcome,” he concluded.