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Kovac expects the best from Perisic

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Ivan Perisic was Bayern Munich’s second choice after the team failed to acquire the services of Manchester City’s Leroy Sane.

Bayern Munich was working on a deal to bring Manchester City’s Leroy Sane to the Bundesliga champions.

But the deal fell through and the team ended up buying Ivan Perisic from Internazionale Milan.

And even if he has the club’s “second choice,” manager Niko Kovac believes his fellow Croatian player will do great things with the Bavarians.

“I was also the second choice [for Bayern] and we won the double, so… It’s like this: we made this choice altogether,” Kovac said according to Goal.

“We analyzed and spoke about a lot of names. He [Perisic] was already on the list.”

The coach explained: “I brought him up back then because I know Ivan, I know what he’s capable of, I know what kind of skills he has, and we all know what he’s achieved in Germany.”

“Personally, I have a good connection to [Perisic’s former coach] Dieter Hecking, who told me many things from his time in Wolfsburg. And from the national team, I know his status in Croatia.”

“He’s one of the top three players in our national team and as you know, the best player in the world is Croatian [Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric],” he added.

“So, Ivan is certainly a top player and I’m happy to have him.”

“He’s very skilled, he’s good with both feet, he’s very aggressive, has a strong header and is a team player,” Kovac continued.

“That’s why we reacted immediately, even though we had him on our list before. I’m glad he’s here and I’m sure he’ll give us exactly what we need on the wings – that kind of drive that we need for our play.”