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Kovac says it will be unlikely to see Coutinho and Muller in the same line-up

Thomas Muller, Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga
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According to the Bayern Munich coach, Niko Kovac, both players don’t fit in the team’s line-up at the same time so he doesn’t think they will be featured together.

Bayern Munich head coach Niko Kovac believes it would not be possible to see Philippe Coutinho and Thomas Muller featured together in the same line-up.

“That would be too attacking,” Kovac told the official Bundesliga website.

“Both players have their own qualities getting forward, but we need a good balance. I haven’t ruled it out altogether, but at the moment it’s not an option.”

“Philippe showed what he’s capable of with the ball [against Red Star],” said Kovac.

“He’s able to recognize certain situations and his ability on the ball is sensational. His teammates are increasingly looking for him and his understanding with them is also getting better and better. Yesterday he showed what he can do and he’ll underline that over the coming weeks.”

“There’s always pressure, both at Bayern and in the national team,” he said.

“It’s easy to forget that Manu made a brilliant save after just three minutes against Northern Ireland. For me, Manuel Neuer is absolutely a No.1 player. That’s just the way it is. There’s a No.1 and a No.1 b) in the national team. I think that kind of pressure is actually necessary.”