Kris Boyd explains how tough Scott Brown is

The Kilmarnock player says the Celtic captain is “not as scary as he looks” as he talks how tough his job is.

Celtic captain Scott Brown has a reputation in the Scottish Premier League.

He’s seen as an angry player, tough and very brave footballer.

But according to Kilmarnock footballer Kris Boyd, he’s not a frightening person.

“Yeah he will but he’s not as scary as he looks,” he was quoted by The Express.

“I think Scott Brown has a reputation but he’s actually a nice guy away from the football pitch.”

“He’s a big player who loves the big games. I think he thrives on them,” he added.

“The more they abuse him, the more he enjoys it because he knows he’s getting to them.”

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“We have to ignore the crowd and play the game, not the occasion. We have had an experience of that already,” he continued.

“I don’t want any token hard men out there. I want them to be well disciplined and motivated.”

“There might be bad moments in the game. We need to make sure we withstand that and make sure we’re a threat at the other end,” he said.

“Quietening the crowd will help. There will be anxiety around the stadium that we can feed on. It is important we tune into that.”


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