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Kylian Mbappe already struggles with his superstar status

Kylian Mbappe
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During an interview with France 2, Kylian Mbappe revealed the struggles he goes through with his new status as a superstar. 

Fame is very difficult to handle for some individuals, Kylian Mbappe is already struggling to his superstar status.

This kid went from being a simple teenager at the AS Monaco academy to the most revered footballer in France.

This process took him only a couple of years, a time in which he’s learned to appreciate the little things.

Contrary to previous years before becoming a global phenomenon, Mbappe can’t even go to the store without getting mobbed.

The youngster is already on the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, or Neymar when it comes to celebrity status.

If he continues playing at this level and improves, we believe things will only get worse for him.

Mbappe understands this, and he accepts the burdens that come with fame. 

They need to close stores for Mbappe now. 

During an interview in recent days, the youngster spoke about his current situation and what he does in order to avoid getting mobbed.

“When I go outside, a crazy crowd forms,” he revealed to ‘Enyove Special’ on the France 2 channel.

“I can’t even go to the supermarket anymore. If I forget to buy gruyere, I can’t go to Carrefour [a supermarket brand] to buy it.”

“They’d have to close it just so I could buy gruyere. I can’t be just anyone anymore.”

“You’re at home and you’re board, so you take a little walk outside. You go to have a little ice cream. Then it’s over.”

“Before I’ve even had a lack to lick it, there are already 500 people around me!”

“It’s the life I wanted. I accept the situation. It’s not easy every day, but I wanted it.”