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Kylian Mbappé and a brief Golden Boy award history

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We take a look at the brief 15-year history of the Golden Boy award, which could be given to the same player for the second consecutive year: Kylian Mbappé.

Out of all the individual recognition given to young football stars, the Golden Boy award is perhaps the most prestigious because it practically predicts the careers of great football players like Kylian Mbappé. Ever since the prize was invented by Italian newspaper Tuttosport, this award has been given to 15 professional football players and they have never rewarded a the same player in two separate occasions. However, the career that French youngster Kylian Mbappé has given all of us in these few years has been spectacular and he seems to be the first player in history who will be recognized with the same award twice. An unprecedented event that describes how dominant of a player Kylian Mbappé really is, because just looking at the list of youngsters who got recognized with this honor tells us what a special moment in time we are living in. We will go through the brief history of the Golden Boy award, just to see which players have received the trophy and where are they now.

Creation and first five winners.

Italian newspaper Tuttosport first got the brilliant idea of recognizing the best young player in the world back in 2003, there have been many more prestigious newspapers throughout Europe that have become part of the voting system ever since. The other media outlets who vote for this award include newspapers such as Bild from Germany, Blick from Switzerland, L’Equipe and France Football from France, Sport Express from Russia, De Telegraaf from Holland, Ta Nea from Greece, The Times from the United Kingdom, A Bola from Portugal, and finally Marca as well as Mundo Deportivo from Spain. For the voting system, each newspaper gets to pick five young players each year and they get to award 10 points to the best of the five, 7 points to the second best, 5 points to the third best, 3 points to the fourth best, and 1 point to the fifth best young player of the year. The first winner in 2003 was Dutch playmaker Rafael van Der Vaart, then it was Wayne Rooney in 2005, Lionel Messi in 2005, Cesc Fabregas in 2006, and Wayne Rooney in 2007.

The next five winners in the history of this award were not all that successful during their careers, with Brazilian Anderson getting the recognition in 2008, Alexandre Pato in 2009, Mario Balotelli in 2010, Mario Götze in 2011, and finally Isco Alarcon back in 2012. Out of these five players, we can easily agree that only the Spaniard has enjoyed full success throughout his career as a professional and the other four only had brief moments of greatness but they never reached the top. Finally, we get to the last five winners this Golden Boy award has recognized. We have French World Cup champion Paul Pogba getting the recognition in 2013, England international Raheem Sterling in 2014, French winger Anthony Martial in 2015, Portuguese midfielder Renato Sanches in 2016, and PSG sensation Kylian Mbappé getting the latest award in 2017. We can see there has been a tendency to improve from the recognized players from the last five years, with only Sanches and Martial not being able to get their careers in order just yet but both of them are still young.

Mbappé is set to make history as the ultimate Golden Boy.

Even if we still think that Kylian Mbappé has been playing football for ages, we must not forget that the French forward is still only 19 years old and he still qualifies for this award. There is very little to argue against him getting the prize for the second consecutive season, there is no other young player who has even come close to what he’s accomplished during 2018. There is also no rule that states a player cannot get the same award twice, Kylian Mbappé would be getting it for the second year in a row and this sets an unprecedented record for a player who is set to dominate football for the next 10 to 15 years if everything goes well for him. Let’s just knock on wood and hope that fame doesn’t go to his head, because there are many cautionary tales on this list of Golden Boy award winners that Kylian Mbappé could learn from. He needs to understand that every football fan deserves to enjoy his talents to their full extent, which is why we urge him to be cautious and mature during this whole process. Mbappé story in football is just getting started, this kid is going places.

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