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La Liga and Spanish FA argument could hurt Barca

ernesto valverde
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Ernesto Valverde fears that the disagreement between the Spanish Football Association and La Liga could negatively impact his Barcelona side.

The Barcelona manager is expressing concern that the feud could negatively impact his team and players.

He is trying to prepare for a tough Champions League clash with Slavia Prague.

The two organisations can never appear to agree on anything. If one says it’s black the says it white.

El Classico had to be canceled due to political tension in Catalonia.

While a date was tentatively agreed for October 26th,  La Liga and the Spanish FA will not rubber stamp anything.

According to Marca, Valverde said:

“I would like common sense to prevail.”

“Espanyol’s game against Villarreal was played and that of the following week was suspended.”

“We must trust that Catalan society is fine and it would be a demonstration of maturity on everyone’s part.”

“I wouldn’t like the internal wars between the federation and LaLiga to affect us.”

“I would have liked to play [El Clasico] and give everything a normal feel.”

Barca has an important Champions League game against Slavia Prague to focus on.

Valverde doesn’t want domestic distractions affecting an important game.

He added:

“We expect a great rival, as they have shown in these two Champions League games that they have already played.”

“Remember they eliminated Sevilla last year.”

“They attack with many players, show their face, run a lot and will force us to have a great match.”

“It’s a fundamental game for us and for them.”

“Things are starting to become clear and that’s why the three points are so important.”

Valverde has done his homework and is well prepared.

He continued:

“They are a dangerous team, you don’t have to watch more than their game against Inter,” he noted.”

“They dominated and almost won.”

“They attacked.”

“They are the leaders of the Czech league and have the potential to harm us.”

“People may think we are favourites because of our name, but to win you have to sweat.”

“We know that they are the team that runs the most in the competition and has a lot of tempo in the matches.”

Barcelona cannot afford any slip-ups in a difficult qualifying group.