La Liga fined for alledgedly spying on fans

The La Liga APP is allegedly using the mobile phone’s microphone to record sound, using the GPS to pinpoint possible piracy.

The Spanish La Liga competition has been fined €250,000 for privacy violations of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The fine comes after the official app has been reported recording via the microphone of the fan’s mobile phones.

The app also records GPS coordinates, where the sounds were recorded.

La Liga says these recordings are used to pinpoint locations where a bar might be showing a match illegally.

“La Liga disagrees deeply with the interpretation of the AEPD and believes that it has not made the effort to understand how the technology [functions],” Techcrunch published the league’s official statement.

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“For the microphone functionality to be active, the user has to expressly, proactively and on two occasions grant consent, so it can not be attributed to LaLiga lack of transparency or information about this functionality.”

“La Liga will appeal the decision in court to prove that has acted in accordance with data protection regulations,” it added.

“LaLiga would not be acting diligently if it did not use all means and technologies at its fingertips to fight against piracy.”

“It is a particularly relevant task taking into account the enormous magnitude of fraud in the marketing system, which is estimated at approximately 400 million euros per year.”

La Liga will not pay the fine until they can reach an agreement for what they believe is an unfair fine.


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