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La Liga reveals club earnings from TV distribution rights

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La Liga commonly has a reputation as a three-horse league whereas others behind FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico are left far behind.

The league published a report today, listing all of La Liga’s teams’ earnings from TV rights for the previous season.

FC Barcelona tops the list, as the Catalans earned €166 million from TV rights last season.

As you would expect, Real Madrid is just behind with €155 million to their name.

Diego “Cholo” Simeone’s Atletico is third, earning themselves solid €119 million.

However, this is when a rapid drop-off starts. Valencia and Sevilla are at €80 and €78 million, respectively.

The complete total amounts to 1,42 billion amongst all clubs.

This means that the highest earner, Barcelona, receives more than the fourth and fifth club combined!

La Liga did, however, recently agree to a new deal in order to share the profits more evenly.

The revenue from last season is still largely a result of an old deal that brought so much disparity.