Lallana will be backing Liverpool in the final

Adam Lallana recently made a shock bet as he claimed he is expecting Georgina Wijnaldum to net at least one goal against the defending champions Real Madrid at tonight’s final clash of the Champions League.

Just hours before the official start of Liverpool’s biggest game in quite a few years, Adam Lallana made a shocking claim.

“The man with the perfect smile,” Lallana joked when asked who is he expecting to be the eventual hero of the night from the English side, according to the Express.

Pep Guardioal, manchester city

Fraudioal reverted back to Guardiola because of his players

Pep Guardiola joked about his "fraudiola" nickname, and that his player's hard work gave him back his true name. In his post-match press conference, reported...

“He’s a big game player. He arrived with goals in big games.”

“Don’t be surprised if he pops up with a cheeky goal in the final.”

Real and Liverpool have been able to score a total of 70 goals, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane leading the charts. However, despite the good record, Liverpool will need to be really focused as they are far from used to playing games of such importance.


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