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Lampard compares Abraham to a world-class striker he should look up to

Tammy Abraham, Chelsea, Premier League
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Frank Lampard and his young core are making strides this season, having won six in a row in the Premier League as they sit in the second.

The spirits are high at Stamford Bridge, no less because their striker, Tammy Abraham, scored 10 goals so far.

Many early comparisons viewed Abraham as the next Drogba, but Lampard has different ideas.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Frenkie said:

“Harry Kane’s an incredible player,” Lampard started, as quoted by Goal.

“What he’s done in recent years and his career is amazing, so Tammy needs to look up to that and if he can keep reproducing and scoring goals at that kind of level, that’s the next stage for Tammy.”

“What he’s shown in these first few months is that there are so many parts to his game.”

The Blues are optimistic with even Pulisic joining the party.