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Lampard enforces tough rules on his Chelsea first team

Frank Lampard, Chelsea
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Frank Lampard has a tough stringent and expensive set of rules which he enforces on all of his first-team players.

Lampard has taken the Premier League by storm, and his management style has already won him accolades and praise.

Whatever Lampard has been doing, it’s working as Chelsea is flying high under his leadership.

It has emerged though that Frank Lampard is a strict authoritarian and employes the use of a list of very categorical and strict rules to help keep his players disciplined.

The rules are accompanied by what he deems appropriate fines based on their severity.

Frank lampard chelsea fines list

Being late for training is the most serious, resulting in a 20000 fine.

The likes of the cell phone ringing is a thousand pounds while being late for a meeting will cost you five hundred per minute.

Being late for the gym is quite serious too, costing an initial 2500, then another 2500 every 15 minutes.

This list is actually signed and dated by the man himself.

Oh, and if you think he is joking and decide not to pay the fine, after the 14th day the fine is doubled.