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Lampard praised David Luiz… on the UEFA Super Cup program

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David Luiz was sold to Arsenal a few days ago, but on the UEFA Super Cup program, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has praised him as an “important player.”

If you picked up a UEFA Super Cup program today you wouldn’t believe your eyes.

Chelsea’s boss Frank Lampard talked about how important David Luiz is for his team and how the defender is a key piece to his tactics.

The problem is David Luiz has been sold a few days ago to Arsenal as it not with the Blues anymore.

The program was written in advance prior to today’s game.

I want to win. I really want to win. If you can win a European trophy against Liverpool, your name goes down in history,” Lampard said on the program according to The Daily Mail.

“I know first-hand because we lost two of these finals.”

“When you work hard to get into this game between two champions it is important that at a club like Chelsea we give everything to win it,” he added.

“It means something to us as a club because it is as another trophy.”

“It also would be a really nice start personally but, more than that, it would be a really good feeling for the players with the season coming up that we can compete with Liverpool,” he concluded.

“Certainly, we understand the importance.”