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Lampard underlines Chelsea’s biggest problem

Frank Lampard, Chelsea FC
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Frank Lampard has admitted that Chelsea lack in the goalscoring department after their recent loss.

Chelsea were unable to get a win third time in their past five Premier League outings as they suffered a last-minute defeat against Newcastle United.

Both the teams looked as if they were going to share points as nothing could separate them after a tense ninety minutes. But that was not the case. Late into the stoppage time, Issac Hayden’s header sealed the win for his side.

Speaking to the reporters after the match, Frank Lampard stated that Chelsea did everything better except scoring. Lampard highlighted that finishing ability was something his side lacked and that they had to work on it in order to up their game.

“We dominated every aspect of the game,” Lampard told BBC.

“They hit the bar in the first half but the rest of the game was ours, except scoring. But the brutal reality of football is if you don’t score, teams, stay in the game and something like that happens at the end.

“We have had more possession than any of our opponents in every game this season. It is a sign we have a lot of the ball but we are not scoring enough. And if we want to look upwards, I know that we need to address that.”