Lampard understands why fans criticize Solskjaer

According to Frank Lampard, being the manager of Manchester United comes with excessive criticism from supporters and experts alike.

Frank Lampard is set to manage his first English Premier League match today, and his rival will be nonother than Manchester United.

And just before the two clubs play, Lampard has talked about how difficult Red Devils’ boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer work is.

“When you manage a club like Manchester United or Chelsea it comes with the territory,” said Lampard to Football 365.

“It can be excessive, not just for Ole, but for everyone in football. You have to have thick skin.”

“It is possibly harsh as it is something that he came in to and he had a great lift,” he said.

Manchester United, Arsenal, Premier League

Hargreaves doesn’t think United or Arsenal will finish top four

According to the former footballer, the team has not improved a lot since last season in the English Premier League and he doesn't see what can they do better.

“I think it’s his real chance to make a stamp on that team with a window and a pre-season behind him.”

“And I’m trying to make a stamp here, so it makes for a competitive match,” he added.

“It is up to him and it is up to me.”


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