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Laporta and Font to battle ‘secret presidential candidates’

Joan Gaspart
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Josep Maria Bartomeu’s presidency will be challenged in next year’s elections with Joan Laporta and Victor Font front runners as his rivals. 

Barcelona are set for an interesting year as Bartomeu looks to strengthen his place ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. Former president Laporta is his chief rival with Font having an outside chance. 

However, the duo are not the only personalities participating in the elections if former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart is to be believed.

Gaspart believes there are others who will have their names on the ballots but have not made public announcements. 

“In the next elections there are still candidates to be named,” Marca quoted Gaspart.

“In addition to Laporta and Victor Font there are several secret candidates that I still can’t say.”

The 36th President of Barcelona also had some choice words for the current Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez. He hailed him as an individual but believes he has been a ‘disaster’ as the captain of Madrid’s ship. 

“Florentino Perez, he’s an extraordinary person.”

“However, as a president he is a disaster.”

Gaspart was at the helm of Barcelona when Luis Figo made his move to Real Madrid. The 75-year-old has found it in his heart to forgive the betrayal, the then Catalan captain committed. 

“After so many years I have forgiven Figo as a person,” he added.

“However, I’ve never forgiven him from a sporting perspective; Luis wanted to stay at Barcelona.”

“He called me at midnight and told me that he had two options, Barcelona or Real Madrid.”