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Laporta thinks Messi should always get contract renewals

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During an interview with RAC1, Joan Laporta confessed that he would renew Messi’s contract as many times as he desires. 

There are many naysayers that think Lionel Messi’s contract shouldn’t be renewed every two years, Joan Laporta thinks differently.

The former FC Barcelona president played a key role in Leo’s rise to legendary status at the club.

He was the man who made all the right decisions that helped the Argentine reach his highest level.

We could say there is no president who understands Messi better than Joan.

This is the reason he would ignore the critics and renew Leo’s contract as many times as possible.

Even if he is nearing 40 years old, Laporta thinks Messi can still be important for the club.

In a sense, the former president sees Leo as a similar figure that Francesco Totti was for AS Roma. 

“I believe we will have Messi for many years to come,” said Laporta on RAC1.

“He already knows himself and he knows how to save his energy in order to give better results. I think we have Messi for years to come.

“He shows this by playing a little further from the box, which is what everybody wants from him.

“We have to renew Leo’s contract as many times as possible. At least on the economic aspect because he is already comfortable in the sporting and human aspect.

“I believe we still have an important backbone in the squad with Pique, Busquets, Messi, and an extraordinary goalkeeper. Though some players are starting to get older.” 

Laporta wants Pique to be Barcelona’s president. 

“The time for that is still far, but I will present my candidacy six months prior to the elections,” he added.

“I always stay informed about the club’s recent events and I’m preparing an action plan.

“I’m preparing a proposal for the club’s future. I would like to present my candidacy and then be replaced by Gerard Pique as the club’s president.

“I consider him an ideal person for the job. He knows the club, he is a long-life supporter.

“He is a player who grew up in the academy. And we can’t forget that he is the best centre-back in Barcelona’s history.

“He has the personality and the work ethic. He only needs to prepare better as a leading man, but he’s proved that he is ready for the challenge,” he concluded.