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Lascelles asks for fan’s support

Jamaal Lascelles
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The Newcastle United captain signed a six-year-contract with his team on Thursday and backed up the club’s owner Mike Ashley

Newcastle United captain Jamaal Lascelles signed today a six-years-deal with his team.

The English Premier League footballer also came into the defense of his club’s owner, Mike Ashley.

“Me speaking honestly, and it might not be what everyone wants to hear, but I think as a club it’s important that everyone is together, especially as we’re right down at the bottom of the table,” Lascelles told Sky Sports.

“So I do think to have the meal was a really positive thing; sitting down, meeting him for the first time, listening to how the owner speaks and what he’s like as a man. The players are all saying the same thing, you know, he’s a nice guy!”

“He’s no different, he’s just in a situation where the fingers are pointed at him, but I think it was a positive meeting, and if it could happen more I don’t think it would do any harm,” he added.

“I think that everyone in Newcastle should stop the negativity and form unity instead. As players, you’re on the pitch, and I’m not making excuses but when there are so many problems going around off the pitch, it will affect us.”