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Latorre criticizes Simeone’s attitude after Atletico’s defeat

Diego Simeone
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After Atletico Madrid’s unexpected defeat against Girona, pundit Diego Latorre came after Diego Simeone’s defensive style of play again.

Despite having the results that tend to be acceptable for any Atletico Madrid fan, manager Diego Simeone still has a fair share of critics such as Diego Latorre who really hate his tactics and come after him every chance they get.

The former Boca Juniors player and now a pundit at Fox Sports, has always been very vocal when he talks about Simeone’s determination to play in a certain way and doesn’t seem to understand why he wastes all that talent of players by asking them to play defensively.

Latorre is one of Argentina’s authorized voices in regards to all the people who represent their football abroad, he doesn’t think that Diego Simeone’s philosophy is in line with the way that most of the people from their country understand football.

It’s okay when Simeone has already won important titles with Atletico Madrid while playing defensive football, but Latorre loves talking trash against ‘Cholo’ whenever he is down after getting eliminated from a competition of loses an important match with the same tactics.

The pundit took his rage to Twitter once again after Simeone responded to critics for the way his squad played against Girona on Wednesday.

“If Diego Simeone prefers to play poorly and qualify to the next round, they we would have to ask why his team didn’t go through to the next round,” Tweeted Latorre as quoted by Marca.

“Nobody picks the result in matches like this, it is a wish that one has. The trickery has worked very well in people’s psyche, that’s exactly why the empty preach remains with the fans. Nobody ever responds against them.”

“But of course, first you have to think in order to respond properly to any of his speeches.”

“Simeone is a good manager, but his message is a real pity. He could also help the cause by staying away from the illusion of making everybody think he is a winner even in defeat, a message that has hurt us so much as a country.”

“‘Cholo’, who is a very good manager, has been losing against Madrid and Barça for years but people sell you the winning formula whenever he wins (with one of the most expensive clubs in the world).”

“They don’t sell you the same formula when he loses a final or gets eliminated by Qarabag in the Champions League. Anywho…” He concluded.

Even though Latorre does seem like he has a personal issue against ‘Cholo’, one has to look at the real meaning of his words and understand that the former player only wants the best for the Argentina National Team.

Diego Simeone has been repeatedly mentioned amongst the managers who could take the position sometime in the future, a proposal that Latorre obviously rejects because of this defensive style of football that ‘Cholo’ won’t stop preaching.

The Fox Sports pundit is a romantic, his style of play actually betrays him because we are talking about one of the most artistic players who ever wore a jersey for either Boca Juniors or the Argentina National Team.

It’s clear that his philosophy doesn’t align with Simeone’s and that’s the real reason he will always go after ‘Cholo’, even in the times he wins a title.

Simeone’s latest Copa del Rey elimination doesn’t mean that everything is lost for Atletico Madrid, it actually means they will have more time to prepare for the other two competitions.

Do you agree with Latorre’s criticism of Simeone, or do you like the manager’s defensive style? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.