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Laurentiss – The ref who kicked out Ancelotti is a buffoon

laurentiis, napoli
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Napoli chairman Aurelio de Laurentiis has condemned the officials involved in Napoli’s game against Atalanta as potato peelers and buffoons.

The game was in Napoli’s hand, and in the midst of a penalty appeal after VAR review opponents Atalanta ran up the other end and scored.

Things only got worse, as manager Carlo Ancelotti and assistant Davide Ancelotti his son were subsequently red-carded.

The old saying let things lie for a few days and they will calm down, apparently has no effect on Napoli chairman Laurentiis.

The Napoli chief has a reputation for being outspoken, and even after sleeping on the incident he is still hopping mad about what transpired.

In an interview with Sky Sports Italia, he condemned the officials involved to a life of manual labor and reeducation after their actions.

He is unhappy with VAR to start with.

He said:

“If there is VAR it’s pointless creating eight minutes of additional time because all that happens is pushing and shouting.

Then he took aim at the officials.

He added:

“Without us, the referees would be peeling potatoes.”

“What is this buffoonery from the referee who kicks out a gentleman like Ancelotti?”

“We’re fed up. We’re tired of paying for this standard of officiating.”

“I don’t think Rizzoli and Nicchi do their job well.”

“They’ll say that it’s not for De Laurentiis to say.”

“But what I will say is that I, like the other Serie A Presidents who help ensure Serie B and Serie C both exist, have the right to be heard.”

“Otherwise, Mr. Rizzoli and Nicchi will have 80 million Italians, who are tired of this arrogance and haughtiness, to answer for.”

Laurentiis feels the impact of poor officiating is a problem across Italian football.

“This version of football is insanely sick that we haven’t been able to change it for 30 years now.”

“We’re tired of being involuntary supporters of referees, also in a financial sense.”

“We can’t allow the highest-ranking Serie A teams to run up debts of €300m and still let these people play.”

Ancelotti has defended himself, saying:

“I consider what happened an attack on my professionalism, my players and my club.”

There is a very blurred fine line between VAR’s effectiveness and its destructiveness. This needs to be found and cleared up as soon as possible for the sake of our beautiful game.