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Lautaro has a better start than Argentina’s greatest legends

Lautaro Martinez
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After his impressive exhibition vs Mexico last Tuesday, Lautaro Martinez officially surpassed the start of Argentina’s greatest legends.

We truly can’t stress enough incredible Lautaro Martinez’s debut with Argentina has been this far, the Inter striker surpassed Argentina’s most legendary offensive players.

Last night against Mexico, the striker scored a solo hat-trick in which he showcased some of his best assets.

It’s nearly impossible to take the ball from his feet, he has the power of a rugby player despite his short stature, and he has the killer instinct that the biggest Argentina legends had.

During the Lionel Scaloni era, no other player has scored more goals than Lautaro and he is even doing it better than Lionel Messi.

The three goals Lautaro scored against the Mexicans are so significant, that we hadn’t seen anything like it since 1977.

When Daniel Betoni scored three goals before half time against Hungary. Coincidentally, that was the same day in which Diego Maradona made his debut with Argentina as a teenager.

Lautaro wrote his name above some of the most illustrious names in his country’s history, which is something that gives all the Argentines major hopes for the future.

No other player in this national team’s history has ever scored as many goals in as many matches during their debut with Argentina.

Lautaro’s hat-trick made him reach 9 goals in his first 13 matches for his country, we’ll take you through the names he surpassed.


Lautaro is above Messi, Maradona, and even Batistuta.

Considering the same number of matches played for the most remembered Argentina players in history, we will go from bottom to top of the players Lautaro surpassed last night.

The most surprising is Leo Messi, the current Argentina captain had only scored 2 goals in his first 13 games with the ‘Albiceleste’.

After that, Sergio Aguero only scored 4 goals in the same number of games. We move on to Hernan Crespo with only 5 goals in 13 matches played.

We then have Gabriel Batistuta with 6 goals in the same number of caps. And finally, both Diego Maradona and Gonzalo Higuain scored 7 goals in their first 13 games for Argentina.

Lautaro surpassed all of these legendary players from his national team, something that makes the fans look forward to what he’ll be able to do throughout his career.

Martinez reacted after scoring his first hat-trick for Argentina, he spoke on Argentina’s Twitter account.

“I am happy and excited,” Martinez said.

“There is a lot of sacrifice that one makes to be here and not every day three goals are made with this shirt.”

“It is very difficult to get here and stay. There are very good players,” he added.

“I am very happy and grateful to my team-mates and the coaching staff. We train to give joy to the national team. Hopefully, we continue along this path.”

Martinez truly needed a night like this one in order to go back to Inter as a respected player, he is clearly above Romalu Lukaku in his club’s scale of top players.

The upcoming Serie A match that Internazionale Milano has against Udinese will be a perfect way for him to confirm his incredible moment.

Getting to surpass such legends from his own country isn’t something that happens every day, Lautaro is very aware of what he just did.

We previously spoke about this man’s potential, something that has been getting confirmed since he arrived in European football last season.

The reactions from the Mexican press after ‘El Tri’ defeat against Argentina were wild, they preferred to outline the poor defensive work.

However, Martinez didn’t face rookies last night and they should’ve recognized his incredible feat a lot better.

He didn’t only make history with Argentina and scored a hat-trick, Lautaro also ended Gerardo Martinez’s unbeaten run with the Mexican National Team.

This player truly is something special, everybody should recognize him as such.

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