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Lazio’s Immobile apologises for substitution outburst

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Lazio striker Ciro Immobile has issued an apology after he reacted furiously to being substituted.

The Lazio forward, scored an eighth-minute goal, as part of a 2-0 win in Serie A over Parma.

But apparently scoring a goal and winning is just not enough for Ciro Immobile. He was substituted in the 63rd minute by manager Simone Inzaghi.

As per new footballing rules, the substituted player has to leave the field of play from the nearest touchline.

Upon doing so, Immobile, raised his hands, gesturing and visibly ranting at his frustration all the way around the field of play for being replaced.

He was clearly unhappy, and although manager Inzaghi had his reasons, he fully understands the player passion to stay on the field.

In an interview reported by Football Italia, Inzaghi said:

“It was a little obvious, but Ciro is one of those who feels disappointing results with the most pain.”

“He had a slight problem in the first half, so I thought it best not to risk it.”

“He had to let it out, I let him ferment a little and then when he got to the bench, I told him that would do.”

“He’ll realise when he sees it back that it was excessive, but the last few days have not been easy for any of us.”

Inzaghi was adamant that there was no problem between the pair.

He added:

“There’s no problem between us.”

Immobile has since publicly apologised for his outburst via social media.

He said:

“Sometimes the pressure and tension make us do things we shouldn’t do.”

“It’s only fair that I apologise to my teammates and Coach for my behaviour after my substitution.”

“It’s obvious that people will always try to make a story, but lessons are there to be learnt from.”

“No-one’s perfect, the important thing is to realise the mistake. Having said that, it’s thanks to our fans that we had this great game.”

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ROME, ROME – APRIL 22: Ciro Immobile of SS Lazio celebrates a fourth goal with Simone Inzaghi during the serie A match between SS Lazio and UC Sampdoria at Stadio Olimpico on April 22, 2018 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images)