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Leandro Paredes still fuming at referees after Copa America

leandro paredes
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Leandro Paredes is having a hard time dealing with Argentina’s elimination from Copa America against Brazil amidst plenty of refereeing issues.

While he was not selected for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Leandro Paredes was given a lot of minutes on the pitch for Argentina at the Copa America.

The midfielder, who is currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain, was part of the team that tasted defeat at the hands of eternal rivals Brazil. While he was named in the Copa America team of the tournament, Leandro Paredes is still not over the fact that his team was treated unfairly by the officials.

Lionel Messi already made his feelings known and it appears that Leandro Paredes chose to bide his time before speaking from his heart.

“This whole thing has pissed us off. Not just us (the players), but people in general,” says the midfielder according to Ole.

“Everyone realized that we were cheated when we were a little stronger than Brazil. I felt a weird sensation, sadness, because we thought we could have gone further. We were getting strong and finished the competition playing well. It hurts.”

And while the referee in question said that he consulted the VAR when needed, Leandro Paredes says that the referee made terrible mistakes in the game against Brazil.

“I read what the referee said. We cannot do anything anymore. It’s a shame he spoke. It would have been better if he had not spoken because he already did things the wrong way. As soon as Brazil scored, we all went to see him and told him to use VAR. But it was impossible to talk to him. The referee felt superior. Not only him, but also those who officiated against Chile.”

“They thought they were more important than the match.”