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Lee Dixon: Liverpool’s naivety can hurt their title chances

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Lee Dixon believes that Liverpool are inexperienced in winning the Premier League and that could make them suffer.

It has been almost 30 years since the contents of the Liverpool trophy cabinet were last pushed back to make room for the Premier League title. The Reds have been waiting a long time to land their 18th league title.

Under Jurgen Klopp, the Reds have gone through a massive shift in gear. This season, unlike the last, or many previous ones, Liverpool look resolved to not let their competitors get the better of them. But Arsenal legend Lee Dixon has warned that the season is a long way off.

“I think there’s still a bit to go yet,” Lee Dixon said in a report presented by Express.

“There’s still the wobble month coming up. Not now but later on in the season and it’s possibly going to be the only thing that derails Liverpool, in that they’ve still not won it.

“If they carry on like they are, not under the wobble pressure near the end. Because it affects everybody. I don’t care what you’re saying, if you’ve got a chance of winning it. As good as you are, they’ve got the experience of last year going. ‘We went so close, we were so brilliant.’ Still didn’t win it, still not won it and until they actually [lift the trophy] people are always going to ask questions. And the pressure’s going to build on them.

“And right near the end of the season, if it gets a bit closer, which it can do, City could beat them in the next game. They could drop points against Leicester. Man City could get everybody fit and go on an amazing run which we know.

“So to say it’s over now I think is still a bit premature but it’s not far off.”