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Legendary Ronaldo gets a hat-trick to eliminate Atletico

Juventus v Club de Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Second Leg
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With the three goals that he promised before the match, a legendary Cristiano Ronaldo eliminated Atletico Madrid at Juventus Stadium.

It was the final chance that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to get this season to prove why Juventus bought him from Real Madrid, he was facing Atletico Madrid in a very expected return leg in the Champions League after getting a 2-0 defeat in the first leg.

Juventus Stadium was packed, the Italian press was begging for Cristiano Ronaldo to make a heroic appearance and all the Portuguese player wanted was to oblige the pleads made to him.

It almost as if Cristiano Ronaldo was created to be the best player in Champions League history, this man truly breathes the competition that runs through his veins as he becomes a vastly different animal when he knows the cameras are watching him.

From the very beginning of this match, there really wasn’t a contest between both squads as Juventus completely dominated the game throughout the whole 90 minutes and they were just playing to get at least two of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals.

The key player for Juventus apart from the Portuguese star was Filippo Bernardeschi, who became one of Atletico Madrid’s biggest headaches from the wings and served the ball for Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal during the first half.

CR7 struck the ball with a header in which Jan Oblak had nothing to do.

After the 15-minute break, Juventus came back to the pitch with even more hunger than during the first half and they immediately made the impact that people were expecting from them.

It was a very similar play to the one from the first goal, only this time Cancelo was the one who assisted Cristiano Ronaldo for the Portuguese player’s second goal of the evening.

At first glance, Juventus didn’t seem to have scored the goal as goalkeeper Jan Oblak seemed to clear the ball from the line, but the referee confirmed that the ball went past the line and the goal technology gave Ronaldo his second goal of the evening.

With 40 minutes still on the clock, Juventus already had those two goals that gave the locals the chance to fight for the quarterfinal’s spot as this result sent the match into extra time.

Atletico Madrid was offering the least competitive version of themselves during this match, they really didn’t create any chances that could be considered dangerous against Juventus and manager Diego Simeone was suffering from the sidelines.

The Colchoneros proved that they are still being led by a manager who prefers a more defensive style instead of going on the attack, Atletico has players to create offensive football but ‘Cholo’ just doesn’t get it.

Ahead of this match during the buildup, Cristiano Ronaldo promised to score three goals for his side and he completely delivered during the final minutes of the match.

Argentine winger Correa committed a stupid foul inside the box that gave Cristiano his golden opportunity, he stood up in front of Jan Oblak and scored his hat-trick to completely eliminate any dream that Atletico Madrid had to play the Champions League at the Wanda Metropolitano by the end of the season.

Ronaldo truly proves that he is one of the biggest reasons why Real Madrid is currently eliminated from the competition, the team that has the Portuguese player on its side is the one that has the biggest chances of getting far in the Champions League.

We can now say that Juventus is one of the biggest candidates to play the Champions League final, but only because they have Cristiano Ronaldo playing on their side.

CR7 is by far the best player in Champions League history, he just reached a staggering 125 goals in European competitions at club level and remains the only player to get this number in football history.

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