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Lehmann: Few English youngsters can emulate Sancho

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Former German goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, believes that the plan of bringing English youngsters to the Bundesliga won’t work as it did with Sancho.

There is no doubt that Jadon Sancho’s impact in the Bundesliga has been very important for English youngsters, it has triggered a plan to bring more youth from the UK to Germany but Jens Lehmann seems to think it won’t work.

The former Arsenal goalkeeper is convinced that the Borussia Dortmund star is an isolated case that comes forward very few times in history, he thinks that following this path for the Bundesliga clubs is not the best idea as there are many overrated young players in the Premier League clubs at the moment.

Sancho is currently having the best start of the season possible for a kid who is only 18-years old, but that doesn’t mean other clubs need to start looking for their own Jadon Sanchos just because this one is doing wonders in Germany.

Jens Lehmann has exposed a problem that has existed over the past decade, where many Premier League clubs overpay young players who won’t make it to the big league when they grow up.

There is a very good chance that out of all the youngsters who are currently being monitored, only 10% of them will actually succeed as pros.

But despite this lack of confidence in English players’ talent, Lehman does think that this experience of going to another league will be rewarding for them and it has the potential to make them better professionals.

But he also sees a problem with many of them feeling entitled, something that may become a real setback for many of them because they will get a dose of reality if they don’t fix that attitude problem.

For any footballer who is under 20 regardless of the country, they need to have a certain degree of modesty because that will get them further in their careers.

If any player who has incredible talent doesn’t carry himself properly from an early age, you may get many cases of kids who feel like the world owes them something and eventually they will fail because life will hit them right in the face.

Jadon Sancho’s case is unique because he is quite grounded with the experience he is having in Germany, he does know he has great talent but having the support from his family keeps him centered and focused on his ultimate goal, which is to become a world-class player who wins as many trophies as possible.

“It’s a great way for English kids to gain good experiences in a very good league,” said Jens Lehmann during an interview with The Sun.

“Sometimes managers in England, because of the competition and size of squads, don’t like to pick these youngsters. But on the other hand, I feel some of these guys need to learn how to develop a good attitude.”

“In England they are overpaid. They are overpaid for nothing — and that’s a challenge for them. I don’t know if you will see many of this generation making massive differences for their clubs in the future.”

“For a player, it’s always good if you’re hungry but not if you are on big money at the age of 18 or 19 years old and it’s only for potential. In that case, I don’t see the hunger coming up or still being there. You need to be rewarded in football — but not for potential.”

“It’s a general problem. You only find a few players who really want to die to win. Maybe die short-term for a new contract. But if you get that focus right, there will be success.”

“Particularly the young players, they need to learn it’s some kind of a gift to play football.”

How many more kids do you think can succeed in the Bundesliga as Jadon Sancho has? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.