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Leicester accept decision made on Adrien Silva transfer

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Leicester City have “reluctantly accepted” FIFA’s decision regarding the problematic transfer of Adrien Silva – the Foxes had tried to sign the Portugal international on deadline day but they failed to make a proper registration before the transfer window was closed.

Leicester appealed against that decision and the Premier League club planned to take the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), according to Sky Sports. But as FIFA denied to change the decision, Leicester had to accept the final verdict.

The English side made the following statement: “It was our intention to submit an application to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for expedited proceedings so that the matter could be resolved as quickly as possible.”

“However, it has been made clear to us that FIFA will not support an expedited process, forcing the club to reluctantly accept the single-judge ruling of FIFA’s Players’ Status Committee without a reasonable opportunity for independent arbitration that is timely enough to be effective.”

The Leicester officials also added: “Our frustration at the denial of effective due process doubles our disappointment at the original outcome and while the club is now essentially powerless to continue to challenge the decision, we will continue to support Adrien in any personal appeal he wishes to undertake. We intend to register Adrien at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime, he will remain under our care, training with the squad under the supervision of our coaching, medical and sports science staff.”

There is another opportunity to turn it around though – Adrien Silva himself has to claim that it is unfair that he is not allowed to play for anyone for several months, and that his livelihood is being damaged as a result of the dispute between Leicester and FIFA. But the final decision is very likely to remain unchanged.