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Leicester games in doubt after COVID-19 lockdown

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The city of Leicester is said to be going back into lockdown potentially throwing any games scheduled for the King Power Stadium in serious doubt.

The Premier League has confirmed that all options are being considered following authorities announcing a total lockdown in the city of Leicester.

If this lockdown comes into full effect, then the possibility of games being played at the Foxes King Power Stadium is in serious doubt.

The possibility of games being postponed or rescheduled at a neutral venue is currently under consideration.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters told Sky Sports:

“Just about every eventuality between our officials and DCMS officials has been discussed at some point.”

“So, we’ve had a huge dialogue with the authorities about the concept of neutral venues.”

“If what is happening in Leicester, which we’re waiting to hear, does affect the club’s ability to host home games, either the match on Saturday against Crystal Palace at 3 pm or subsequent matches.”

“Then we have the opportunity to play those matches elsewhere or postpone them until a date when it is safe to do so.”

The club insists that games and practice are continuing as planned for now.

The statement read:

“First team training will continue at Belvoir Drive and our forthcoming Premier League fixtures remain unaffected.”