Leigh Griffiths close to Celtic return

Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths has hinted at returning to football after taking a break for his “mental health state”.

Griffiths has taken a break from football for close to a month to seek professional help for personal issues and has dropped a major hint that he’ll soon return to play for Celtic.

According to Sky Sports, the 28-year-old posted a message on social media announcing his imminent comeback.

“Not long before I’m back doing all this!” he wrote on Twitter while retweeting a message from a Celtic fan with clips of him lifting trophies and scoring goals for both Celtic and Scotland.

Last Sunday, he corrected the record by stating the reason for his break, saying: “Despite what has been written about me, rumored or said to you from afar, I just want to settle one thing and to make it clear once and for all,”

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“I am off work due to my mental health state. Not gambling, drugs, or any other issue that has been written about me since December.”

“I’m putting this out there now because family and friends are being asked questions and they’ve been told to say nothing,” he explained.

“But I’ll not be silenced, especially by newspapers and idiots who can write tweets and make up stories and it grows arms and legs due to people’s sad and pathetic lives.”



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