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Lenglet honest about a potential penalty

Clement Lenglet, FC Barcelona
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Barcelona and Real Madrid squared off at the Camp Nou last night, as the match ended 0-0, despite a controversy over a penalty Lenglet allegedly made on Varane.

When the ball was crossed into Barcelona’s box, scrambling for the ball ensued, featuring Lenglet and Varane.

This resulted in Lenglet accidentally hitting Raphael Varane’s thigh.

The referee didn’t think it was worth a penalty, and now Lenglet gave his thoughts.

“Out of bad luck, I touched Varane’s leg,” he said, according to Marca.

“I’m not a player that likes to kick people. For me, it’s not a penalty.

“I’m the protagonist and I know that I’m not going to make a foul.

“If some people think it is [a penalty], then that’s their opinion.”

The emotions are still running high from El Clasico.

It’s worth noting that there was a potential handball from Karim Benzema just before the controversial kick on Varane’s leg.

However, the performance wasn’t good enough from either team and they should both focus on improving themselves.