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Lennon says Tierney is not fully fit to play for Celtic

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According to Neil Lennon, the Celtic footballer is not yet fully fit and he feels pain every time he kicks the ball.

In the middle of rumors that he might leave Celtic to join Arsenal in the English Premier League, Kieran Tierney is still not ready to play.

This is according to Celtic boss Neil Lennon who says Tierney is not fully fit.

“Kieran started kicking a ball on Wednesday, but he’s still feeling some discomfort there,” he said to The Express.

“We’ll see how it is when things settle down because it’s a very unsettling time for him at the minute.”

“The injury has compounded that frustration because he’s not 100 percent right,” he added.

“I’ve been in his position so I have a lot of sympathy for him when maybe a lot of people wouldn’t.”

“But I know what’s it’s like to have to keep adjusting your mindset if things do go as expected,” he commented.

“This is where this generation is at a disadvantage because it comes at them from all angles, with social media and people surmising or giving opinions, making up rumors.”

Lennon added: “It’s not just the media, it’s every angle but Kieran’s got a good stable home life to keep him in check.”

“I make sure I know how he’s doing and we’re supportive of him whatever happens.”