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Leo Messi and Eric Abidal are in open war at FC Barcelona

Messi, Abidal
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In a scandalous turn of events, Leo Messi just responded publicly to Eric Abidal’s provocation through his Instagram stories. 

Leo Messi and Eric Abidal generally have a good relationship due to their past in the FC Barcelona squad.

However, Eric made the decision to jump to the board of directors’ side and he made some terrible choices.

The current Barcelona sporting director just spoke to Diario Sport about the reasons behind Ernesto Valverde’s sacking.

Abidal offered an interview with Diario Sport and discussed the situation. But he made a terrible mistake.

It is well-documented that Messi doesn’t appreciate it when anybody makes a general statement about the FC Barcelona players.

Abidal mentioned that he started recognizing a pattern of many players not willing to make an effort during practice.

He stated that Valverde wasn’t on the best terms with many of the footballers, especially the ones that didn’t play much.

“We began talking more about his exit after December 18’s El Clasico match,” said Abidal on Diario Sport.

“I used to watch the games and didn’t care about the result. I cared more about how the squad played.

“I was looking at the tactics and how the players that didn’t play much were working. I always look at those details.

“Many players weren’t happy and they didn’t work as hard. There were also a few problems with internal communication.

“There are things that I could smell as a former player. That’s when I made the decision to tell the board.” 

Messi’s controversial response. 

After these statements in which Abidal clearly blames the players for the situation, he responded accordingly.

One wouldn’t expect Leo to come out in public to say anything, but the most recent Messi is very different.

This is the FC Barcelona captain, he knows he bears a lot more responsibility now.

Messi is also very different with Argentina. He is a lot more vocal than he was in the past.

This is the Leo that responded to Abidal, and he did it in a swift manner.

“I honestly don’t like doing these things,” wrote Leo on his Instagram stories. 

“But I believe each of us needs to remain accountable for our responsibilities.

“We each need to take care of our chores and take care of our decision-making process.

“Players need to remain responsible for what happens on the pitch. We are the first ones to accept when we weren’t in top form.

“The people who are responsible for the sporting direction of the club need to assume their responsibilities as well.

“I think that when you mention players, you should always give names in order to keep the rest of the players’ names clean.

“If are not specific, you will only feed further speculation of things that aren’t true.” 

Abidal could leave FC Barcelona very quickly. 

People don’t realize hoe powerful Leo Messi is at FC Barcelona, and he doesn’t even try to do anything himself.

The board is currently between a sword and a hard place on the captain. Their sole intention is to always keep him happy no matter the cost.

This gives him automatic powers, even if he doesn’t want them. What will happen next is quite predictable.

Messi is not happy with Eric Abidal’s statements. This means that the Frenchman at least needs to apologize.

After this happens, president Bartomeu will make a decision. But things aren’t looking good for the sporting director.

Angering Messi is almost a capital sin at FC Barcelona. Heads tend to roll when they make him uncomfortable.

You might complain about this power Leo has, but it’s not his fault. The FC Barcelona board is the inept side of all this mess.

Chances are that Eric won’t make it past the end of the season as the club’s sporting director for his statements alone.

We repeat, this is not Messi’s fault but he is part of the problem. 

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