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Leo Messi scores Barcelona’s goal 6,000 in history

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With Leo Messi’s second-half winner against Alaves, we tell you the reasons this goal 6,000 for Barcelona has a historical importance.

With the dawn of a new La Liga season comes Leo Messi’s Barcelona, who just gave us another stellar performance against Alaves that has many important historic nuggets to discuss. The Argentine forward wanted to start the tournament in the best way possible, FC Barcelona completely dominated the match as it was expected and their goalkeeper only collaborated with a few passes throughout the game. Messi wanted to let the world know that he is taking this new captain role very seriously, which is why he is the one who had to score the first goal of the season for the Catalan club and he did it with a cheeky free-kick that passed under the barrier during the second half of the match. Until that moment in which Lio got through the defense, Barcelona struggled to get the first goal thanks to the constant interventions from Alaves’ goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco, who made many timely saves when most-needed.

Messi’s good luck charm.

The first of two Leo Messi goals that we all witnessed today at Camp Nou, have a very significant importance to FC Barcelona’s history and also gave us a miscellaneous fact that is hard to ignore. But let’s talk about history first. Back in 2009, Lionel Messi scored Barcelona’s goal number 5,000 in history, he did it during that golden Pep Guardiola era in which the Catalan club dominated world football. Fast forward nearly ten years later, Messi’s free-kick goal became FC Barcelona’s 6,000 un the club’s history. There had never been a player in any club’s history that scored a milestone goal on two different occasions, only a player like Messi could accomplish such an incredible feat. Not even Francesco Totti who played for AS Roma for 25 years was able to accomplish something like this, Messi keeps proving that he is an all-time great and this season there may be no stopping him.


But that’s not all, we also have a very significant detail about Messi’s Performace against Alaves that we would like to share with you. The first season that Leo Messi scored the tournament’s first goal was back in the 2008-2009 season, FC Barcelona won the treble that year. The second time Lionel Messi scored Barça’s first goal of the season was in 2010-2011, his club went on to win La Liga and Champions League double that year. The third time in which Leo Messi scored his side’s first goal of the season was in 2014-2015, the Catalan club won another treble that year. These are just facts that may not have any importance by the end of the season, but Leo Messi scored his team’s first goal today and that is a pretty good historical fact to take under consideration. The Argentine also has already scored 14 goals in the first match of La Liga throughout his career, only Celta de Vigo Legend Pahiño is above him with 15.

Who can stand up to Messi?

In La Liga? Virtually no one, we could make a case for Gareth Bale but this seems a bit farfetched at this point. The truth is that with no more Cristiano Ronaldo stepping on his toes domestically, Leo Messi has free range to do as he likes until he retires or another all-time great appears in the near future. Now, the Champions League is a whole other story. Messi is trailing Cristiano Ronaldo’s insane 120 goals by 20, he must have a record-breaking performance this season if he wants to get near the Portuguese forward, Ronaldo also mustn’t score a single more Champions League goal in order to have a better chance at reaching that record. But there is another player who has a good case against Leo Messi on the international level, his name is Kylian Mbappé. You might have heard of this French lad, the kid looks like he is going places.

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