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Leonardo Bonucci: Moise Kean ’50-50′ to blame for racist abuse

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Leonardo Bonucci reckons team-mate Moise Kean must shoulder half the blame for the alleged racist abuse he experienced during Juventus’ 2-0 win at Cagliari.

The 19-year-old scored his fourth goal in as many games for club and country on Tuesday night to help Juventus extend their lead to 18 points in the Serie A table.

However, the victory at Cagliari was overshadowed by the whistles and jeers that were aimed at Kean when he celebrated his 85th-minute goal.

The Italian forward held his arms aloft in an apparent response to the home supporters. Both teams were forced to stop for three minutes as an announcement was later made to caution fans against insults.

Although defender Bonucci, who scored Juventus’ first goal of the game, believes Kean will have to take some of the blame for his celebrations.

“Kean knows that, when you score, it’s enough to celebrate with the squad. He could have behaved differently,” Bonucci told Sky Sport Italia.

“There was racist booing; [Blaise] Matuidi got angry. It’s a 50-50 – Moise was wrong, and the stand was wrong. We have to be an example.”

Meanwhile, Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri agreed with Bonucci that Kean had provoked the Cagliari fans.

“He shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner,” said Allegri.

“He is a young man and he has to learn, but certain things from the crowd also shouldn’t be heard.”

The Italian later elaborated on the topic by insisting that authorities must take harder action against racist chants to solve the problem.

“I didn’t hear anything because I was focused on the game,” he continued.

“It doesn’t make sense to talk about these things. It takes intelligence to deal with these situations and you shouldn’t provoke people, although, of course, I don’t justify what was there.

“We’re back to the usual speeches again. It wasn’t the whole stadium – there are idiots who do stupid things and ruin it for everyone else, and there are normal people.

“With cameras in place, they should be taken out of the stadium. It’s very simple. They are identified and then they can no longer enter a stadium, for life.

“The right tools are there, if they want to catch everyone. The problem is that they don’t want to.”

Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi was so disgusted by fans that he had threatened to walk off while protesting to the referee. On the other hand, Cagliari captain Luca Ceppitelli appealed to the club’s own supporters to stop the chants.

CAGLIARI, ITALY – APRIL 02: Supporters of Cagliari cheer for their team during the Serie A match between Cagliari and Juventus at Sardegna Arena on April 2, 2019 in Cagliari, Italy. (Photo by Enrico Locci/Getty Images)