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Leonardo confirms Neymar could finally stay at PSG

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After yet another complicated day of negotiations between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, Leonardo confirmed Neymar stays.

Unless something crazy happens on Monday, Leonardo pretty much confirmed that Neymar will stay at Paris Saint-Germain.

The French giants quickly went from completely ghosting one of their best players from all their social media accounts, to featuring him in pictures again on Friday.

The club played a Friday Ligue 1 match against Metz, Leonardo spoke to the press after the squad’s 0-2 away victory and set the record straight about Neymar.

While he confirmed that there was an ongoing negotiation between the two clubs, the Brazilian sporting director denied there was even an agreement as such that was reached between the two clubs.

The Spanish press appears thirsty for getting Neymar back on their everyday lives, but FC Barcelona simply couldn’t get to the demands that Nasser Al-Khelaifi made.

Actually, the one who doesn’t like the idea of Neymar leaving is the Emir from Qatar. At every single turn in the negotiation, PSG seemed to make an even more difficult counter offer that the Catalan club simply couldn’t accept.

The reality is that Antoine Griezmann’s transfer limited Barcelona’s budget, which is the main reason why they can’t take on Neymar’s transfer.

The offered players always said no to Barcelona.

According to journalist Guillem Balague from BBC Sport, PSG asked for a total of €220 million for Neymar.

Initially, they were keen on getting Philippe Coutinho as part of the negotiation but the Brazil international accepted a loan to Bayern Munich.

With that in mind, the Catalan club didn’t hesitate to offer Ousmane Dembele and Ivan Rakitic without even asking their opinion.

The Croatian player’s case was the most interesting to watch, as he previously had an agreement to play at Juventus and the club refused to let him leave.

When the time came for them to offer him as a trading chip, it was obvious that Ivan felt used and completely refused to play at PSG just out of spite.

The case of Dembele is pretty straight forward, he’s never even thought about the idea of leaving Barcelona.

All Ousmane thinks about right now is to play for the Catalan club, he has a point to prove and he refused to leave from the very beginning.

This left the club with very little room to wiggle as they have no money for a cash payment, PSG always showed a good spirit to negotiate but the Blaugrana simply never could reach the demands.

Leonardo confirmed all of this.

As things stand today, Barcelona offered a final Ivan Rakitic and Nelson Semedo plus €130 million that the French club rejected right away.

This completely pushed Leonardo to make a public statement that explained the situation, he pretty much confirmed that Neymar isn’t going anywhere after all.

“There has never been an agreement and there isn’t one right now,” said Leonardo via Diario AS.

“If a good offer came for him, he would’ve been able to leave but nothing happened. The first written proposal from Barcelona came on August 27.”

“We were even open to speaking about including players in the negotiation, but there wasn’t an agreement in our demands from them.”

“You ask me if there will be another negotiation for Neymar? that depends entirely on Barcelona, they need to make another offer if they want that to happen.”

“We’ve already established a deadline, which falls in line with the market’s final day on Monday, September 2.”

“We never had an agreement over Dembele with Barcelona, which is why we didn’t even consider talking to the player about anything.”

Do you think this is the final say on Neymar’s future this summer, or can something shocking occur before Monday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.