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Leonardo confirms Neymar could leave PSG this summer

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Right in the middle of a drama between Neymar and PSG, sporting director Leonardo confirmed the player wants to leave the institution.

Leonardo made sure that Neymar’s situation with PSG is no longer a secret, the club’s sporting director just confirmed their star wants out.

The Brazilian former player recently took Antero Henrique’s job and he’s been taking care of the transfer ever since.

He is the one who will speak in public about any exits or arrivals, which is why he agreed to talk to Le Parisien on Monday.

There was a public statement that the club issued earlier in the day about Neymar’s absence from the official return to activities.

The squad was expecting the player to come back after more than a month of vacation, the Brazilian played his last match on June 6 and the club specifically asked him to return on July 8.

Neymar senior told the media that his family agreed on going back to France until July 15, but Leonardo just came out to tell a completely different story.

It’s clear there is a war between the player and the club, this won’t end well for one of the two sides.

Up until this moment, we all believed that PSG was interested in letting Neymar leave but they rejected any offers coming from Barcelona.

Nobody said anything about this player’s future at PSG, until this Monday when Leonardo finally confessed they are willing to let him leave.

“Neymar is allowed to leave the club if we get an offer that convinces everybody, but we don’t know if there is a club willing to buy him or at which price,” said Leonardo to Le Parisien.

“I am certain this negotiation won’t happen within a day. Barcelona said they wanted to buy him but we are not a club that usually sells players.”

“We also didn’t see Barcelona in a position to buy the player. PSG wants to trust the players who want to stay and build something big at the club.”

“We don’t need players who think they are doing the club a favor if they decide to stay. I still haven’t seen a club that won trophies with a player who is stronger than the club itself.”

“In order for the club to take steps forward, it needs to keep control of everything. This includes its most important players.”

“Neymar made a commitment to his institution and his sponsor. However, the dates weren’t the ones he agreed with the club.”

“Neymar played his last match on June 6 and vacations ended on July 8. We all know he wants to leave. But things can change overnight in football… it’s incredible but that’s just the way it is.”

“One thing is for certain though: Neymar still has three years left on his contract. We haven’t gotten an offer yet, this means we can’t talk about anything related to his future.”

“There isn’t a plan with or without Neymar. The player still has a contract with PSG and we don’t have any serious offers for him,” he concluded.

Neymar will keep waiting until July 15.

Given how complicated the situation got on Monday, Neymar will still wait for next week until he makes a decision.

The Brazilian player remains in his country and he will wait for FC Barcelona to make that serious offer Leonardo was talking about.

The French club already said they want €150 million plus Coutinho and Dembele for the Brazilian star.

The problem here is that Barcelona doesn’t consider Neymar is worth that much money, this negotiation could extend until the final days of August if necessary.

The Catalan club is a lot closer to signing Antoine Griezmann this week than they are of reaching an agreement for Neymar.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is willing to make this whole process as annoying as possible for both the club and the player.

This is about revenge for the club’s chairman, he feels disrespected and Neymar has to pay for what he did.

Leonardo’s words are only the start of a very stressful summer for this player, who is still certain he wants to leave the club this summer.

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