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Leonardo denies Neymar’s future and fitness rumors

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During an interview with RMC Sport, Leonardo denied the rumors that suggest anything negative about Neymar’s future and his fitness.

The Neymar situation with PSG took a wild turn last Wednesday, the Brazilian player needed sporting director Leonardo to come out in his defense this Thursday.

We reported on two very specific aspects of the situation, one being that the player wasn’t an active part of the squad’s training sessions.

The other one was more alarming because it completely jeopardizes the player’s chance to leave PSG, there were legitimate concerns about his fitness.

The two injuries he suffered in the two previous seasons while playing for the French squad were extremely serious.

The doctors who tended to his problems spoke to Le Parisien about the player not being completely healed from these issues.

A metatarsal injury can be career-threatening if it doesn’t get treated well, those doctors consider that’s exactly what happened to Neymar during the relapse he had earlier this year.

This explosive revelation started raising questions from the Spanish media, which is the most concerned side on the player’s future because his most likely destination is La Liga.

Many outlets started questioning PSG’s ethical stance on all this, they believe their urgency to sell him is because they know something that the other clubs don’t.

Leonardo’s response to the controversy.

PSG sporting director Leonardo is the one person who is authorized by the club to speak about the player’s situation, he offered an interview to RMC Sport on Thursday.

Initially, Leonardo spoke about the alleged isolation that the player is going through by not training with his teammates.

The Brazilian confirmed that Neymar is currently finishing the last stages of his recovery from that injury he suffered before the Copa America.

This is the only reason that the player isn’t currently working with his teammates, according to the PSG sporting director.

“Neymar has made mistakes,” said Leonardo to RMC Sport.

“I didn’t know him before. Over time, I have got to know him. I honestly think he is a good boy with a very good heart. On the pitch, he is an extraordinary player.”

“It’s wrong. He is not removed from the group,” Leonardo added.

“He follows his personalized rehabilitation program. He’s a Paris Saint-Germain player, he’s still in Paris for three years, so do not forget. We must analyze everything, we must fix everything before he can play again.”

“Things are simple. He was handled by the best doctors and surgeons in the world.”

“The treatment has completely healed Neymar’s fractured fifth metatarsal. His injury has completely been taken care of.”

With this in mind, PSG must think that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona will be happy with the explanation but both Spanish clubs will go into further inquiries.

Now that this unwanted information became public, there is no way that the two giants won’t demand a medical test before making any payments for the player.

If something goes wrong with this exploration ahead of his possible transfer, there is a good possibility that Neymar won’t end up moving from PSG and he could even be looking at the possible end of his career.

It would be sad to see this amazing player hanging up his boots at such an early age, he would be following a similar path to the one that Marco van Basten took when he also decided to retire due to his ankle problems.

The world of medical recovery has advanced considerably over the last two decades, but a metatarsal injury is no joke even for times like these.

Do you think Neymar and PSG are covering up a more serious injury? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.