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Let’s hope he’s right – Liverpool fan gets champions tattoo

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A Liverpool fan is so confident his team will be champions this year, he has already got a tattoo saying so.

Some may call it tempting fate, others overconfidence, but Mark Gretton simply believes in his beloved Liverpool.

Gretton is so confident that Liverpool will be Premier League champions this 2019/20 season, he has had a tattoo to celebrate the fact.

True Liverpool is 22 points clear in what appears an unassailable lead. But you can never say never in football.

Speaking to Merseysdies local paper The Liverpool Echo, Gretton is convinced it’s all over, and he loves his new tribute.

He said:

“I’m so confident now we’ve won it, that I got the tattoo done.”

“They’ve got to win it now, surely.”

“I don’t regret it one bit, I’m embracing it, I love it.”

“My wife doesn’t realize the league doesn’t end until May, she thinks it’s finished now!

“I’ve had digs from Chelsea fans in work, but it’s just jealousy.”

“I’ve had lots of people telling me I’ve had the tattoo too early, and what will I do if it goes wrong?”

“I guess I’ll run for the hills if that happens.”

“But I’m confident it’s game over, it’s got to be.”

“Liverpool fans can be very pessimistic, but we need to savor this.”

Check out Mark’s new ink!