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Lijnders compares Jurgen Klopp’s impact to Johan Cruyff’s

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During the media conference ahead of the League Cup’s next match, Pep Lijnders compared Jurgen Klopp to Johan Cruyff.

It’s been in front of our nose the whole time, there are more similarities between Jurgen Klopp and Johan Cruyff than you can possibly imagine.

The German coach didn’t have a similar career as a player, he had a full run but didn’t really become an overwhelming talent as Cruyff did.

However, Klopp really did catch up as a manager and the similarities between both coaches are chilling.

After winning FIFA’s The Best Award on Monday, assistant manager Pep Lijnders made the comparison and suddenly we saw it as well.

Both managers are widely considered as people who think outside the box. While Johan did it in the unique way to make his teams play, Jurgen does it in the unique connection he forms with all his players.

One plays a more organized style of football, the other one loves to create chaos that can distract the opponent towards desperation.

Both of them practice an offensive game, both of them are considered the best at what they do during their era.

But the most striking similarity they share is their love for academy football, both managers always trusted the players from the club’s reserves.

Johan Cruyff is famous for always pushing the young generations forward, which exactly what Klopp has been doing at Liverpool for the last three years.

When asked about the award that Klopp just got as the best manager in the world, Pep Lijnders responded with this comparison.

Jurgen Klopp is destined to have an impact in Liverpool that will last for many generations, which is the same thing that happened with Cruyff at Barcelona.

“[It is a] big compliment for our structure, I think,” said Lijnders via Goal.

“For our owners to have faith in Jurgen from the start, giving him a six-year deal. That helps with the trust, to build.”

“Big compliment for our team, because without success the individual prizes will never come. Then of course a big compliment for Jurgen himself. I’m really proud. It says a lot.”

“He is not only the face of the team, he’s the face of the club and not many foreign managers in a different country made the impact he has made.”

“An example I always say is that Cruyff at Barca had an impact in that it’s not only about now, but about the future also.”

“He [Klopp] created a real identity about the way we play, the way he wants to play, and that could last for a long time.”

Klopp still has the biggest challenge ahead.

Even though his smile spoke volumes of a man who is completely fulfilled with his career, Jurgen Klopp knows that this journey is only getting started.

The man is only 52 years old and he has at least another good decade of great moments as a manager.

It will be his decision to spend that time in Liverpool, but we still don’t know how much longer he has in English football.

All we know is what can happen during this season, which may be the most challenging year for Jurgen Klopp yet.

The German manager still has the goal of taking the Reds all the way to the first Premier League title in history.

We need to keep in mind that Liverpool might be cursed because they haven’t won this trophy yet, they have 18 league titles in history but none of them is the Premier League.

It’s almost poetic that Klopp’s biggest rival in his attempt to do the unthinkable is Johan Cruyff’s most advanced pupil.

We are in for a treat this season between Jurgen and Pep Guardiola, we’ll see who has the biggest impact in football after they retire from this beautiful sport.

We don’t believe that this comparison is too farfetched, Klopp has made a profound impact on Liverpool FC.

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