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Lineker controversially hails Pep Guardiola above Ferguson

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City, Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson
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Pep Guardiola brought a revolution to English football ever since arriving and conquering the Premier League twice with Manchester City.

Even though his team probably won’t lift the Premier League trophy, Guardiola is still one of the best.

However, Gary Lineker took it a step further. When talking about managerial imact, he holds Pep to the highest standards:

“Total respect for Sir Alex’s achievements, and, of course, he’s the most successful, but that’s an entirely different thing. Guardiola has changed the way we play/think about the game.

“From our obsession with direct play to total football…and they said it couldn’t be done,” Lineker wrote on Twitter.

This prompted a lot of reactions from the traditionalist. Brave thing to say whatever the case may be.