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Lineker reveals sensitive information on Ronaldo’s return to Manchester

Manchester United training
Credit: Official Man United Twitter

Not knowing if he could disclose this information, Gary Lineker just revealed a surprising detail of Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United.

Gary Lineker sometimes gets to experience privileged moments in the world of football like what he just did with Cristiano Ronaldo. Upon his return to Manchester, there is a small piece of information we had absolutely no idea about. As it turns out, Ed Woodward is Lineker’s neighbour and he happened to be on Lineker’s garden when he closed the deal. You are reading this correctly, Woodward was actually on the phone with Jorge Mendes while pacing back and forth in Lineker’s backyard.

The presenter revealed this information recently during the Match of the Day Podcast, which he still hosts. When asked about this, Lineker revealed the information to everyone’s surprise: “I’ll put my cards on the table – Ed Woodward is a good friend of mine and lives next door. He signed Cristiano Ronaldo when he was in my garden! When he walked in he was on the phone with Jorge Mendes – I hope I’m not giving too much away! I have a fantastic picture of him sat on the phone to him which I might share one day with his permission.”

Ronaldo still needs to feel United is a title contender. 

Despite buying one of the best players in the world, Manchester United still needs to prove to Ronaldo they can fight for titles. During that podcast, Alan Shearer himself still believes the Red Devils will definitely have chances to win silverware. However, the most recent events say otherwise. In many cases, there is a general idea that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not up for the job and might be on his way out of the squad.

If Ronaldo doesn’t see things clearly over the next few months, the Glazer family is willing to do anything to keep him happy. Lineker trusts the tide will eventually turn in Manchester United’s favor due to the incredible roster they have this season. He also believes in their gradual improvement over the last three years under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. But then again, everything can change in the blink of an eye when you are talking about Manchester United. One of the biggest clubs in football history.