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Lingard: ‘I was lost as a player and person’

Jesse Lingard
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Jesse Lingard capped off a difficult season in Manchester United colors with a strike in the final minute to end his goal drought.

Manchester United gave a great account of themselves in the 2019/20 season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a relieved man once Premier League third place was secured. 

Another man who breathed a sigh of relief was forward Jesse Lingard. The Red Devils youth academy graduate had made 22 Premier League appearances but failed to hit the back of the net. 

Lingard managed to beat his demons and was finally on the scoreboard in the final minute of the final game. 

The BBC had reported at the end of December 2019 that Lingard was taking care of his younger brother after his mother fell ill. The Warrington native reflected that he went through a tough personal period and will continue to work hard and deliver for United.

“This season has been difficult for so many reasons. I lost who I was as a player and person, but I never wanted to give up, I knew who I really was on and off the pitch and knew that having been there before I could get there again,” Lingard said in an Instagram post. 

“This meant working harder than I’d ever done before and trusting in those around me that they knew how to best help me achieve that. I know the fans have been frustrated but in all this time my love for this club and everyone connected to it has never left me.” 

“This team, this club is my family and I will continue to keep working harder than ever to help this team achieve its goals.”

United have been equivocal in their support of Lingard. Bruno Fernandes hailed his teammate and questioned the critics in the aftermath of their final fixture.