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Lingman believes Morelos can play for a bigger club than Rangers

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The former Scottish Premier League midfielder believes the Colombian is one of the competition’s best players.

Rangers footballer Alfredo Morelos has been grabbing headlines in the Scottish Premier League.

And for his former teammate Lucas Lingman, the Colombian can play for a bigger club in England.

“If he continues to score at the rate he has done in Scotland he can win a move to a bigger club in England,” Lingman told The Daily Record.

“I am not surprised he’s done so well in Scotland.”

“He’s mentally and physically fit enough to compete,” he added.

“Yes, mentally, he was so strong. He doesn’t care if you kick him but in Finland, he wasn’t kicked as much as he is in Scotland.”

Lingman continued saying: “I hope he can play at a higher level because he is a very good player and a good person and I wish the best for him.”

“I was happy that we drew Aberdeen because it’s a big chance for our young players. If you play well, who knows what can happen.”