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Lionel Messi could apologize to Conmebol for comments

Lionel Messi, Argentina, Brazil
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Given the climate that unleashed after his controversial statements, Lionel Messi might follow AFA’s advice and apologize to Conmebol.

The controversial accusations that Lionel Messi made against Conmebol should have a proper consequence, this could push the player to publicly apologize.

Don’t get us wrong, Messi is in no way willing to issue an apology from his own initiative.

The Argentine had enough after Brazil eliminated his national team from the Copa America semifinals, he came out to speak against the referee’s ruling.

But he didn’t get enough after that, he also came out to speak against Conmebol right after the third-place match against Chile.

Leo was coincidentally sent off during that match after a bust-up with Gary Medel, this is what triggered Messi’s rage and he came out to blatantly accuse the institution of corruption.

The red card he received is already worthy of a one-match suspension, but the player could get a longer ban after his comments.

Initially, AFA stood behind Messi and they also spoke about corruption in Conmebol.

However, they quickly backed down after they realized that they could take away next year’s Copa America organization.

To those who don’t know, the next year competition will be hosted by both Argentina and Colombia.

We recently reported that Conmebol was willing to take that privilege from AFA, which is why they decided to back down.

Now we have Messi to worry about, the Barcelona player still hasn’t said anything about his controversial statements.

There still hasn’t been any signs of Leo possibly coming out to retract from his comments, nor should any of us expect him to do so.

However, the Argentina captain should get a call from AFA and they should at least try to convince him to apologize to Conmebol.

If Messi doesn’t want to get a 2-year ban from the institution, he must consider this option in order to only get sanctioned with a single match.

Even people from the outside like TAS lawyer Gustavo Abreu, agree that Messi should consider issuing a public apology.

The man spoke to Radio Mitre via Mundo Deportivo about how grave Messi’s statements were, which could bring about a larger suspension.

“I would advice Messi to apologize, the sanction he will get could be very strong. AFA should come out and ask him to publicly apologize for what he said against Conmbeol.”

“I think it’s very serious that member of the AFA board is coming out to support Messi’s claims. Footballers can make mistakes every now and then, they obviously can’t.”

What happens if Messi gets a strong ban?

This would be the worst-case scenario for Lionel Messi, the Argentina captain could miss up to two years of competition with his national team.

If this were to happen, it means that Leo wouldn’t be able to play the upcoming Copa America in 2020.

But that’s not all because if Leo gets a suspension as people fear, this means that he could potentially miss out on all the World Cup Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Messi is already 32 years old, that tournament will get him by the time he is already 35.

There are very few veteran players in football history who performed at the top of their level when they were that age.

We are not saying that Leo isn’t capable of doing it, only that he could very well decide to give up on his dream.

AFA should immediately consider asking Messi to take back what he said, and not because he is in any way wrong.

Millions of Argentineans are hoping to get the best Messi for the next two or three years with his national team.

It appears that Lionel Scaloni finally found a proper formula that can help this squad achieve great things, not having Leo for this new process would be a huge blow for them.

Do you think Messi should apologize to Conmebol or not? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.