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Lionel Messi is about to return to his favorite playground

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We are a few days away from Lionel Messi’s two consecutive visits to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, one of his favorite playgrounds as a player.

There are countless stadiums that Lionel Messi has as his favorite playgrounds, but we can easily say that the Santiago Bernabeu is arguably one of his most liked scenarios due to the history he has whenever he visits Real Madrid.

His first visit actually came out as quite the special occasion, played on that mythical match in which Ronaldinho came out of the stadium with a standing ovation after scoring two incredible goals.

Contrary to the Brazilian, Messi has never really been liked at the Santiago Bernabeu because they consider him one of the most annoying rivals they’ve ever had to endure.

Messi has already played a total of 19 matches at the Bernabeu, from which he has won already 10 of them and scored a total of 15 goals in all those times.

Out of all these matches, there are four specific games that we would like to single out in which Messi scored goals and also delivered incredible results against his most hated rivals.

The Argentine has made it a tradition to play and win at the Bernabeu as of late, especially during mid-season when the Catalan club really needs to win in any competition.

After his first three visits to the stadium, Messi began the beautiful story of non-stop dominance in Madrid.


It all started with the historic 2-6 victory in the 2008-09 La Liga season, this was the time when Pep Guardiola decided to change Lionel Messi’s position on the pitch and reinvented that famous ‘False 9’ role specifically for him.

The result was devastating for Real Madrid, as Messi scored to goals and also delivered another two assists that jump-started a dominance that hasn’t ended until today.

The second memorable night came in the 2010-11 Champions League season, a match in which Lionel Messi scored that ridiculous solo goal in the semifinals and eliminated Jose Mourinho’s squad from the tournament.

Barça went on to win their second Champions League under Pep Guardiola and the third in their history, all thanks to that Lionel Messi goal in the most complicated of scenarios.

We move on to La Liga 2013-14 season, when Messi came to the Bernabeu to deliver his only hat-trick on this stadium and reminded everybody who they were facing by showing them his jersey.

On that 3-4 victory for Barcelona, pretty much all the Real Madrid fans hated Messi even more than they already did.

We go to a more recent match at the Bernabeu, where Messi scored another two goals in his side’s 2-3 victory during the 2016-17 La Liga season and reminded everyone that he is the rival who has already scored more goals than anybody else in football history.

Contrary to Ronaldinho during his prime, there won’t be a day in which Leo Messi will come out of that stadium with a cheer because the people’s hate towards him is too strong to control.

Messi comes back to that same stadium on Wednesday, he does it but having recently scored his 50th career hat-trick and by having recovered from an alarming dip in form that lasted a couple of weeks.

The press from Madrid is already trying to say whatever they can to distract Messi from his target, but chances are that he will deliver another great performance on Wednesday and he closes his second visit with yet another one in La Liga during the weekend.

Real Madrid defenders are already getting ready for the Argentine, they know what they will probably experience and they will do everything they can to stop him but it won’t be easy.


How many goals will Leo Messi score at the Bernabeu on his two consecutive visits? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.